Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the Big Four

Here is the text from the back of the Bikedenver.org "Ride Safe" spoke cards, or what I now think of as the Big Four.

If you bike in Denver:
Drive your bike like you drive your car!

  • Obey stop signs, traffic signs & stop lights
    Set an example for everyone and wait in line for a green light! Bikes and cars -- same rights, same laws.

  • Take your place in traffic
    Ride your bike on the street; sidewalks are reserved for pedestrians

  • Always ride with traffic
    When you're on a bicycle, you ARE traffic. Ride on the right; it's predictable and safer for everyone.

  • Bicycle riding is prohibited on the 16th Street Mall
    Except on Sundays, when RTD lanes are open to bicyclists.

The first three are pretty universal. The fourth is obviously a concern only very locally. Not even everybody in Denver will ever try to ride on the Mall.

Judging from this list, one has to assume that riding on the 16th Street Mall is the fourth most often ticketed bike traffic infraction. Otherwise why include it on this list?