Friday, September 25, 2009

Fleet Buildin'

Pirating, and bicycling alike, are often solitary endeavors. It can get lonely out there on the high, paved seas.

The aim of this project is to Build Comradeship.

There are two ways to do this.
  1. Advocate for and participate in group rides.
  2. Provide propaganda: cards, notes, fliers, and signs to distribute when you're out flying solo.

1. Group rides


Get out there and meet your like-minded neighbors.

  • Denver Cruisers: Every Wednesday, Early May through late September, 6:00 PM, at Casselman's.

  • Sunday Slow Ride: Every Sunday afternoon starting at 2 PM. Ride starts at the Great Divide Tap Room.

  • Critical Mass: Last Friday, March through October, 6:00 PM, seal pool in Civic Center Park, Colfax & Broadway.

  • Annual Events (in Denver)

    2. Propaganda

    ... will be made available here.

    I once met a fella who had a big, gorgeous Fat Tire cruiser. On his handlebars was a little, finely crafted, cardboard tag, hung with thick twine. The label read, "I (heart) Your Bike."

    He said he just found it on his bike one day. Somebody had just tagged him.

    I want to see more stuff like that.


  • Excessive Awesomeness Tickets


  • Flickr/spokecards


    3x5 note cards for standardization's sake and for maximum compatibility with hPDA and DIYPlanner

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