Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is me stranded at work.

I lost my work keys last weekend, and so have been forced to wait until my coworkers arrive in the morning to let me in. I remember one of my first bosses explaining to me that if I arrive at work at the same time I am scheduled to being my shift, then I am late. Since then, I've been in the habit of arriving to work 10-15 minutes early. Especially if I'm on bike and need to change my clothes.

I find it irksome to have to wait till somebody ambles up 10 minutes late to be let in.

In two months, I will have been car free for a full calendar year.

My car was named Annie. As in "Little Orphan," in recognition of all the times I locked my keys inside her and had to abandon her on the side of the road, and in recognition of all the times I spent the night alone, sleeping in my car somewhere.

It's not often that I'm stranded somewhere with my bike. This is one of the only times that I can recall.

It made me wonder, though, if I shouldn't rechristen my bicycle and call her Annie.

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