Friday, October 2, 2009

Gandhi's birthday

Sometimes, like some of you I'm sure, I am alerted to certain observances, celebrations, and holidays by the Google homepage.

For example, today is Gandhi's birthday.

Happy birthday, Gandhi!

You'd be 140 years old!

Here's a short excerpt from Jeff Mapes's Pedaling Revolution, in which the author is quoting one John Dowlin.
"I really felt the bicycle could be for the world's cities what the spinning wheel was for Gandhi," he said as we sat inside and warmed ourselves with coffee. Just as Gandhi saw India producing its own cloth as a way to free itself from British domination, the bicycle could free urban centers from an over-reliance on cars.

It's a cute analogy.

It's not too far off base to describe car culture in terms an oppressive, imperialist force.

And rebelling against British authority is kind of hard wired into our cultural identity, isn't it?

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