Wednesday, August 20, 2008

tour de bibliotheque


The Endeavor will be a study in how long it may take to visit each branch of the Denver Public Library by bicycle. The study of The Endeavor is the reason this blog was created.


Bikes and books: two of the most liberating things of which one can partake. Books are free if you join a library. A bicycle may require an initial investment, but your escape and freedom from there on out is guilt and cost free. Both can be enjoyed privately or in groups, according to one's taste. To both, there is a sense of bettering oneself and improving one's quality of life.

Enjoying one does not necessarily mean you will enjoy the other, but followers of the two do seem to run in the same circles.

I was also kind of inspired by this dude.


At the moment, the only "rule" concerning The Endeavor is one that defines "visit." (As in "visit each branch of the ... Library.")

A visit must be productive, and must involve a transaction that results in a receipt.

A string of visits would probably entail checking out an item at one branch, getting a receipt, and then returning it and checking out another item at another branch. Repeat as needed.

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