Friday, November 14, 2008

First snow of the season.

First snow commute! It was like riding in a snow globe.

I gunned for ever puddle, because that's exactly why I put those fenders on.

I was impressed by how not-cold I was. I'm encouraged by this, and think that I might survive the winter commutes. The temperature was in the high 20s, and I was fairly warm in two long sleeve t-shirts, a windbreaker, and a balaclava.

It also makes me marvel at this machine, how perfect a means of transportation it is. The engine, me, has a pretty efficient cooling system. If I get cold, I pedal harder. If I get hot, I ease up.

And so I stay pretty comfortable, even in the wind and snow.

On the way home though, I passed a ninja in City Park. No lights, no helmet, no hands. Sitting straight up and wishing for disaster.

Folks, it's winter now. It's going to be dark pretty much all the time. I feel like my commute rides now only take place in Nearly Dark, Mostly Dark, and All Dark. If you're going to be a ninja (and you shouldn't, because it's dumb), then for crissake wear an ever-lovin' helmet.

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