Saturday, November 15, 2008

Worksman bicycles: Bikes That Work

There was a story on NPR this morning about Worksman, the oldest bicycle manufacterer in the nation. I didn't know about them before today, and now I seriously want one.


I love hearing about this kind of stuff, and I get really excited about Bikes That Work.  It's not common to see people moving oversized cargo on bikes here in Denver, but in San Diego, it seemed that one for every two surfers had a bicycle with a side loader for their boards.


I use a trailer on my bicycle for my grocery shopping, and I carry my dog around town in the Lady's tricycle. This week, the Lady came home from a jog through the neighborhood with a trunk full of firewood that somebody had left curbside.  I used the tricycle to carry the logs across the yard and into the back to the woodpile.


Bikes aren't toys, folks. And if you need proof, check out some of the heavy duty work some people do on their xtracycles.

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