Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springtime and Plunder

In regards to Daylight Saving Time having done happened, I dig the extra light in the evenings, but am not sure I like the drastic difference in temperature between my morning commute and my evening one. It means having to layer very intelligently. In the mornings I still need layers over my ears and fingers. In the evenings, I can wear nothing but a t-shirt.

This morning though was nice! It's only March though and Spring is a fickle tease. There will be snow storms between now and then.

I was able to pillage some road side finds during my commute!

I plundered this little one-armed snowman.

There was also a large extension cord that I did not stop for.

Read what you will into the fact that I stopped for the toy and not for the object of actual utility.

I've got priorities! Not sure what they are!

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