Saturday, February 12, 2011

Made my day: overcoming modal bias

On the way to work this week, there was a car tailing me for a couple blocks. It was still a little icy out, so I was asserting myself into the lane—where it was dry and rideable—and announcing my intentions so there'd be no misunderstandings = so there'd be no accidents.

I stopped for a light, signaled two left-hand turns, and then when we were at a spot that allowed it safely, I slowed and pulled over into the slush so the car could pass.

The driver rolled down his window and shouted at me, Thanks! before continuing on his way. I don't know why, but it really felt as though he wasn't just thanking me for getting out of his way, but for being so careful and communicative.

I wish I had you're welcomed him, or responded at all really, but it surprised me because motorists are so often just annoyed to be behind cyclists. His response really made my day.

I like to imagine that we were each, to the other, surprisingly good representatives of our modes of transportation.

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