Monday, May 9, 2011

#bikeschool recap 5/5/11

ala Rob Row's rundown, here is my recap of last week's #bikeschool, which I too missed.

  • ***Q1: In honor of Cinco de Mayo, how would you combine bikes and tacos for the ultimate best day ever? #bikeschool

    Surely I didn't just invent this: is there a taco shaped bike bell? A "Taco Bell," if you will?

    I did have a Chipotle veggie bowl on Cinco de Mayo, but only because my partner brought me her leftovers. Whatever, it counts. I had guacamole. Cinco de Mayo: observed.

  • ***Q2: It's National Bike Month in the USA, are you doing anything special to acknowledge it this year? ***** #bikeschool

    Denver observes Bike Month is June. But I look forward to hearing about everybody else's adventures during May and then having my own in June!

    One thing I'm doing right now to get pumped and to get other people interested is cleaning up the bike parking locker where I work.

    More on that later.

  • ***Q3: If you could be any other bike rider/cyclist for a day, who would it be, and why? ***** #bikeschool

    I'm picturing somebody in board shorts, cruising down to the beach with a six pack in tow.

    I'd be that dude.

  • ***Q4: Who has a cycling-related tattoo? Gold star to those who post a photo. ***** #bikeschool

    I don't have any tattoos.

    I'd like to see somebody get a "Share the road" tramp stamp. How funny would it be to see that peeking out of a cyclist's shorts on the road?

  • ***Q5: When you pass another cyclist on the road, do you nod, wave, shout? What do you do? *****#bikeschool

    I smile, nod, and say hello, and try to make the road a friendlier place.

    If we're stopped at a light together, I often try to strike up some kind of conversation.

    If I'm passing somebody, I shout a warning; I don't have a bell.

    I often chastise people for passing me closely without giving a warning. It can be startling!

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Loving the Bike said...

Thanks for doing the recap of #bikeschool....great idea. We hope you can make it to our next class.