Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dangers of not taking the lane

Totally got buzzed by a car today. It was partially my fault because I was being a gutter-hugger by riding too close to the curb instead of asserting myself into the lane.

I knew better, too. It was on a road where I know I have to take the full lane, or I'll be passed way too closely.

I guess I was just day dreaming or something.

That inches-away car sure did bring me back to reality though!
I did the thing I usually do when I get buzzed. I shouted "TOO CLOSE!" and shook my head disapprovingly.

That'll learn 'em!

I still have yet to perfect what I think is an awesome response to stuff like that: the emphatic Thumbs Down. Compared to the Bird it is less inciting and more shaming.

And truth be told, that's exactly what I'm looking to levy upon people who are driving inconsiderately or recklessly or carelessly near me. I don't want to instigate a confrontation. I want to shame and haze the driver so they're aware of their actions.


Anonymous said...

True on taking the lane. Then again. Park Ave is a heavy traffic street. Could you have taken another street and still gotten to your destination? I see people on 13th and 14th when 12th is a bike route. I think this is what pisses off cans more and makes it less safe for us regular commuters who are aware of more bike friendly routes.

chrisman said...

First of all, did you say "cans" on purpose, because that's a funny way to refer to cars.

Secondly, yes, I could have taken another street. But Park gets me there faster, and is really quite chill between Downing and Colfax, which is the extent to which I use it.

I know what you mean about 12th. When I see people riding on Colfax, I want to stop them and ask them if they know there'a a bike lane one block north.